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All About Going Green on Earth Day

With the arrival of Earth Day on April 22nd, thousands of homeowners across the globe are now considering how to limit their impact on the natural environment. Going green in the home can be a great way to begin. In this latest post, our trusted plumbing team will look at several techniques you can use at home to limit your use of natural resources.

Limit Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon your activities expel to the atmosphere. And limiting this footprint is a critical process in going green in the home.

One option for limiting your carbon footprint is to turn to public transport when traveling from the home to work. You might also consider using less electricity by limiting the use of dishwashers and other appliances with significant energy requirements.

Choose Low Flow Systems

Low flow toilets and showers are designed to help mitigate heavy water consumption in this home. Each 10-minute shower using the average system requires 17 gallons of water. A low flow shower uses half the amount of water over that 10-minute period.

You can also significantly reduce your family’s consumptions by installing a low flow shower in your home. You might also consider installing a low-flow toilet, which can remove the waste from your home without using up large amounts of fresh water.

Consider Tankless Water Heaters

The amount of energy required to heat a tank of water is exceptionally high. The heating process can also take some time, requiring you to waste more water while the system reaches the optimal temperature.

It’s why so many environmentally-conscious homeowners are now choosing tankless water heaters. These systems are engineered to provide water on-demand, and to use less energy to heat the water in the home. This means you can save significant amounts of money on energy while using fewer water resources.

Reduce Use of Bottled Water

Bottled water can be convenient when home taps don’t offer the level of water quality required. But it also contributes negatively in terms of access to local resources. Companies now take water from local areas and filter it for use in their bottled products.

Why not install your own water filter at home to ensure a clean supply for your family, without having a negative impact on the local area?

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