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How to Have Summertime Fun While Being Water Conscious

Being water conscious is an important part of being involved with your local community. It’s imperative you try to conserve local water resources and ensure that those in the future will also have access to clean water for their families.

But it’s also important to have fun while the sun shines over your home this summer season. And so, with that in mind, we’re highlighting how to have a fun summertime with your family while upholding your commitment to the local environment.

Play with Sponges Instead of Water Balloons

To enjoy the summertime fun without wasting too much water around the home, considering playing with sponges soaked in water rather than water balloons. Sponges can be continually reused after play fights and cannot hold as much water as the balloon. Simply switching to sponges instead of balloons can help you conserve many gallons of water around your home.

Play Pass the Balloon

One way in which you can safely play with water balloons without over using our water resources is by playing pass the balloon.

To begin with, have all the kids sit around in a circle. And then pass them a balloon filled with water. Once they’re ready to begin, start playing music from your device.

When the music stops, whoever is holding the balloon has to have the person to their right drop the balloon over them. This usually means that the balloon pops well before the music ends as all players move the balloon around quickly, as they try to avoid being the one left holding it.

Play Water Piñata

Creating a water piñata is a great way to help your kids release some of that pent-up energy from not being in school. Simply fill a couple of balloons with water and then tie them together. Then tie your finished creation to a tree outside. The kids can then be blindfolded and take turns trying to hit the balloons. They’ll have hours of fun as they continue to swing and get splashed by the water!

Remember to try to play the water games on days when the grass is dry, and it hasn’t rained recently.

This will ensure you’re not using too much water and will help you keep your lawn healthy.

The games can also be enhanced by scheduling them to the dates and times that your sprinklers will turn on.