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​Have you ever noticed that winter seems to be the time of year where you struggle tremendously with dry skin, cracked lips, and a scratchy throat? ​You’re not alone—this problem impacts people everywhere, particularly those in extremely dry, cold climates such as our Colorado winters. This is because colder air can’t hold as much water, and thus your skin and body aren’t receiving the same amount of moisture they are accustomed to and depend on. Thus, you get unhealthy hair, dry skin that no amount of lotion can cure, and plenty of other issues that you seemingly can’t find a solution to. However, there is a way to find relief—with a whole-home humidifier installed by the humidifier specialists at Craig Plumbing Heating & Cooling LLC!

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What Does a Humidifier Do?

A humidifier adds humidity to the air in your home by vaporizing water and getting it to quickly evaporate into the air as it passes through your HVAC system. These systems are often wired to function in conjunction with your furnace or heat pump, meaning they will automatically turn themselves on and off as your system does. That means no extra effort on your part, and many modern thermostats also have optional humidity sensors so they can better control your indoor humidity for peak comfort and enjoyment.

The Benefits of a Modern Humidifier

Modern humidifiers have a number of great perks and benefits that separate them from the old, simple standalone units of the past. A high-quality whole-home humidifier can actually tap into your home’s water supply for the moisture it needs, thanks to rapid purification technology that removes impurities from the water to prevent them from getting into your air. These self-purifying humidifiers also have self-cleaning capabilities as well, meaning they can then flush the impurities away through a drain line. That means you often don’t need to address or maintain these systems at all for the duration of your entire winter heating season.

Modern humidifiers also have outstanding flexibility, making them capable of working with all sorts of smart home equipment. This includes a number of smart thermostats on both the popular Amazon Z-Wave platform as well as Google Home. This allows you to adjust not just the temperature, but the humidity with added convenience.

Humidifier Repairs & Maintenance

In addition to humidifier installation, the team at Craig Plumbing Heating & Cooling LLC also offers humidifier repair and maintenance services so you can continue to enjoy your system should something ever go wrong. When your system stops producing the moist air you need during these low-humidity months, our crew will see to it that your humidifier gets the fix it needs in order to continue operating properly. We also offer humidifier maintenance and inspections as a part of our furnace maintenance services. This way you can continue to enjoy energy-efficient heating with ideal humidity all winter long.

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