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It may surprise you to learn just what is in the water that you use every single day. While we’re lucky to enjoy water that is considered “clean” and safe for use for nearly any of our day to day needs, the water we use isn’t exactly as pure as most people might think it is. Plenty of substances can be found in our water in everything from trace amounts to percentages that are significantly higher than you might think, and that can lead to a number of concerns. These substances can cause everything from damage to your plumbing system to a potential impact on your health, so there’s a good reason to want to do something about your overall water quality. But who wants to continually pay for expensive water bottles or haul heavy jugs to and from the water fill-up station?

A water filtration system from the Broomfield plumbers at Craig Plumbing Heating & Cooling LLC can provide you with reliably and truly clean water for a fraction of the price and effort. These systems use state of the art technology and the finest filtration media to remove everything from mineral inclusions to unwanted substances. This gives you the clean water you need for everything from cooking and drinking to bathing and cleaning, giving you the ultimate peace of mind of knowing your water is clean. Our technicians are all highly-trained in these systems, and can help you choose the perfect one for your needs. We even offer repairs for systems that need some attention and replacement services for that old, outdated filtration or treatment solution.

Get the clean water you have always wanted by installing a water filtration system! Learn more about the great products we offer by calling Craig Plumbing Heating & Cooling LLC at (720) 619-3380 today.

The HALO Filtration System

The HALO filtration system is a whole-home water filtration solution designed to provide you with superior-quality water at every faucet, fixture, and tap in your home. This system uses a variety of filtration media and treatment methods to remove virtually every impurity in your water, making it easily one of the most advanced and reliable water filtration solutions available today. However, it does so without overloading your home with intrusive devices and technology. In fact, the entire filtration system is contained within one tank that connects inside your home at the water main line. It has the capacity to provide you with dozens of gallons of water per minute, meaning you can run your washing machine, do dishes, and run a shower all at the same time without issue.

The HALO 5 whole home water filtration system features all of the following:

  • A granulated activated carbon filter system that removes chlorine, gasses, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, and plenty of other man-made pollutants
  • A Centaur® High-Activity Carbon filter that specializes in removing free chlorine particles from water, dramatically improving taste.
  • A Filter-AG Plus® media that removes all sorts of suspended matter in your water, including some of the smallest inclusions possible—down to as small as just five microns in diameter!
  • High density garnet filtration media that functions as a great granular filter for debris as small as 10 to 20 microns in size, as well as functions as a great bed for the other filtration media in the tank itself.
  • A HALO ION inline water conditioner that uses permanent magnetic fields to alter the molecular structure of any remaining charged calcium and magnesium ions. This keeps these ions suspended in your water and prevents them from attacking the metal in your pipes, creating limescale like it would normally do.
All of this filtration is included in the filtration tank and the tank itself requires zero maintenance over an expected lifespan of more than one million gallons of water. For a family of four, that should provide you with enough water to last roughly 10 years. And the system requires only a tiny amount of additional energy, which can be obtained through a standard outlet plug in your wall or directly wired into your home’s electrical system.

Our Broomfield water filtration experts are ready to help you choose the right HALO water filtration system for your home! Contact us today.


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